About Us.
Awaken The Life Within was created to help millions of people all around the world improve their lives.
In this generation, 46% of women in business have reached individual achievement, compared to 24% of men. You may wonder why the percentages are so low. 25% of women and 7% of men receive respect from their colleagues. You can see the link between their achievement and their relationships with others.
Communicating with your family, your friends, and your colleagues is vital. Just a few minutes with your kids, asking how their day was and really listening to them, makes a difference to both of your lives. No matter how small the conversation is, we believe it’s important to talk to people about work, your childhood, anything that makes you happy. Building a bond between people makes you feel good inside.
It’s the little things in life that make us truly successful, for example a free parking spot, watching the sun come up, a nice, warm cup of hot chocolate, receiving flowers from people who hold a deep respect for you.
Awaken The Life Within is designed for people who want more. More happiness, more motivation, more confidence and more success.

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