5 Kinds Of People To Avoid In Your Life


Those you choose to surround yourself with will play an enormous role in your quality of life. If you’re just hanging around with angry, negative people… Your life is filled with wrath and negativity. Your life will have more kindness and positive energy when you surround yourself with kind, compassionate and positive people.
It’s crucial to whom you surround yourself, and sometimes it’s important to think about those you spend most of your time with and ask yourself: Do I really want these people in my life? If you have any of these people in your life, it may be time to reconsider how much time, if any, you want to spend with them.
It may not be easy to limit or end all interaction with these people, if they are friends or family, but if they don’t make your life better by spending time together, it may be time for you both to move forward.
  1. Deceptive People

  2. Ruling People

  3. Enraged, Bitter and Negative People (Victim Minded)

  4. Takers Only

  5. Those Who Have No Passion to Grow.

Let’s talk about each personality a little more so that you can spot them and limit your time with them if necessary.

Number 1: Deceptive People.

For any relationship, trust is a major human need. Friendship, romantic relationship, members of the family… Limit your time with them if you can’t trust them. If they lie to you repeatedly or rarely, this is a clear sign that they do not respect you. Address the problem with the person, if you can, and move forward if the situation does not change.
Do not respond with hate or revenge in mind, just take the highway and let them play their dishonesty anywhere else. Remember that it’s most likely off if something feels off.

Number 2: Ruling People.

Liberty is a basic human need that we all share, and it is very uncomfortable and unnatural when we feel like another human is ruling or trying to rule us.
It will feel like a weight has been lifted off your back when you limit or end your time with these kinds of people. That heavy burden you carry under the command of someone else is a draining of life. Follow the heart. You know the ones that are right for you.

Number 3: Enraged, Bitter and Negative People.

It goes without saying that your life will be better without angry, bitter and negative people in it, but you have to be able to see these people, their behaviour is sometimes more subtle than you might think.
Constantly judging others, always blaming and living in the role of the victim, regularly getting into arguments with others complaining, always finding the negative in any situation … if you want to live a true, happy and fulfilled life, these kinds of behaviours are not good for you.
Find those in each situation who see the positive, who respond with compassion, who can calm down and illuminate any room. It’s going to be much better for your life.

Number 4: Takers Only

It’s pretty self-explaining, but it’s those who always expect things to be given and done for them, but you rarely offer the same level of return.
When they need you, it’s the person who calls you, but doesn’t respond when you need them. The one who spend time with you when it suits them, but not when it doesn’t.
It’s almost like, they are above you, they feel superior. Well, it’s not. We’re all the same, and if you’re in constant interaction with a taker … End the relationship and see how well it feels.

And Number 5: Those Who Have No Passion to Grow.

If you’re someone on a constant, never-ending search for growth and development… it can be very draining to spend time with those who aren’t.
You may not have to end your time with these people, they may be family or long-lived friends, but if you surround yourself with people who have no intention of getting better EVER… That’s foolishness.
At the end of the day, you choose with whom you spend time, and choose with whom you spend most of your time with. You don’t have to be rude or disrespectful with limiting or ending time you spend with people. You’re not even going to have to explain why. Just do what you think is right for you, because that’s usually the right thing for everyone involved.